1967 – More Evidence of Planned Parenthood’s Eugenics

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Birth Control, Blacks, Evidence, Genocide, Planned Parenthood, Uncategorized

Read the first 4 chapters here..

Planned Parenthood was pushing birth control on the black community in effort to reduce the black population. In order to do this they need black cover.

Many of the blacks who work for Planned Parenthood are well-intentioned people who are under the illusion that they are actually helping people. They are just useful idiots. Mrs. Ruby Wyatt Evans learned the hard way that Planned Parenthood only needs blacks for cover. She learned that Planned Parenthood’s black employees are expendable once they are no longer useful in helping Planned Parenthood achieve their genocidal objectives. She was suspended from Planned Parenthood when she told women that they “didn’t have to take the pills if they did not desire.”

See the 1967 article in the Pittsburgh Courier – a black newspaper
PDF File


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