Catholics Bishops of Pennsylvania Warned About Planned Parenthood in 1966

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Birth Control, Evidence, Planned Parenthood, Uncategorized
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The Catholic Bishops of Pennsylvania placed a full-page ad on June 20, 1966 in sixty Pennsylvanian newspapers accusing Planned Parenthood and the federal government of trying to reduce the black population with taxpayer-funded birth control programs. Below is a passage from the advertisement:

While no word appears in the proposal to indicate that this augmented birth prevention policy is aimed at Negro citizens in Pennsylvania, it is widely, though covertly, stated by birth prevention proponents both in and out of government that a significant “benefit” of these programs would be their supposedly resulting check upon the expanding Negro populations in our major cities. Discussion of such benefits is not infrequently accompanied with such racist phrases as “limiting the number of undesirables” and with defamatory innuendo concerning alleged Negro “traits” and the dangers of Negro “proliferation.”

Here it is the ad in 3 parts.



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