Evidence of Planned Parenthood’s War on Blacks in 1947

Posted: August 15, 2012 in African Americans, Birth Control, Blacks, Evidence, Genocide, Planned Parenthood
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Read the first 4 chapters for free here.

On March 29, 1947, the Pittsburgh Courier, one of the nation’s leading black newspapers, printed a Planned Parenthood press release as if it was an article written by a Courier journalist. The article ominously asked the reader, “Did you know that Negro mothers die at twice the rate of white mothers? Did you know that Negro babies die one and half times faster than white babies? Did you know that before their first birthday some 22,000 Negro babies are dead?” The article then boldly declares in all capitals that, “PPFA HAS THE ANSWERS.” PPFA stands for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

A local Pittsburgh priest with a black congregation read this article and sent a fiery letter to the editor wondering, “Why the colored press should advocate a practice that will decimate the colored race is beyond me.” The priest asked the obvious question: If it is true that black babies die at twice the rate of white babies, then shouldn’t efforts be made to improve the conditions for black people instead of trying to decrease the amount of black babies born. Of course Planned Parenthood isn’t interesting improving the conditions of blacks. Its only interest is in the total decimation of the black population.

Read the ad and the Priest’s response.


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