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 This is short incomplete (one day I will finish it) essay on Bill Gates and his charities:

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Another disturbing development in the campaign of genocide against the black race are the recent actions of the world’s richest man Bill Gates and his buddy the world’s second richest man Warren Buffet.  Most of the world’s richest families and people support eugenics under the guise of population control.  Gate’s involvement in the population control movement is especially disturbing because of his intelligence, cunning and business acumen.  When you couple Gate’s god-given talents with tremendous wealth and resources, you have a formidable enemy.

Bill Gates’ father was on the national Board of Directors of Planed Parenthood and he indoctrinated his son with eugenic ideology at an early age.  According to Gates, the Gates’ family talks around the dinner table were not the usually chit chat about what happened in school and work that day.

“My dad was head of Planned Parenthood. And it was very controversial to be involved with that. And so it’s fascinating. At the dinner table my parents are very good at sharing the things that they were doing. And almost treating us like adults, talking about that. … So I always knew there was something about really educating people and giving them choices in terms of family size.”[1]

These talks about contraception, sterilizations, and abortion had a profound effect on the young Gates.  Unlike most boys. who are more likely to be interested in comic books and sports, Bill Gates, according to his father, was interested in the problems face by alleged overpopulation.[2]

Gates childhood interest in eugenics stayed with him as he reached adulthood.  He would take 1,100 page textbooks on genetics to read while on vacation with his girlfriend in Brazil.[3]  He counts as his closest friends, evolutionists and Malthusians, like Warren Buffet, Lester Brown, and Donald Johanson.  When he and Buffet went to China they made point to stop and take a tour of one of China’s notorious family planning clinics.[4]  Abortion clinics are not the usually known as tourist destinations.

Bill Gates feels that a human’s worth is only measured by his intelligence, that is his ability to advance the evolutionary process.  Bill Gate’s close friend, Nathan Myhrvold, says, “Bill is not threatened by smart people, only stupid ones.”[5]  Gates disdain of those less intellectual gifted even pertains to his feelings towards his own daughter.  Gates was surprised that he was interested in his infant daughter because, “I used to think I wouldn’t be all that interested in the baby until she was two or so and could talk.”  What possible value does an infant baby have?  It can’t write code. It can’t talk, read or write.  It should not be surprising that Gates has pictures of Leonardo da Vinci, Einstein, and Henry Ford in his office but no picture of his daughter.  When asked by a Time magazine reporter on whether there was “something special, perhaps even divine, about the human soul,” Gates simply responded that, “I don’t have any evidence on that.”  Gates did not directly state he did not believe in God but he did say, “Just in terms of allocation of time resources, religion is not very efficient, there’s a lot more I could be doing on a Sunday morning.”  He does not feel any awe towards God or humans but does share the same amazement with evolution that the eugenicists have, “Evolution is many orders of magnitude ahead of mankind today in creating a complex system.” [6]

Former Microsoft executive Rob Glaser called him a “Darwinian” that “doesn’t doesn’t look for win-win situations with others, but for ways to make others lose. Success is defined as flattening the competition, not creating excellence.”  Esther Dyson, a friend of Gates, says Gates can be “a fun companion” but he lacks “human empathy.”  “We’d rather kill a competitor than grow the market,” said Dyson.[7]

Knowing what we know about Gates’ it seems strange that he would become one of the world’s biggest philanthropists.  But it will come as no surprise that he has donated most of his money to population control but what is surprising that has made significant donations to global health.  In early 1998 Gates gave $750 million for vaccinations to children and has pledged to give $4 billion more.  Gates has contributed millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood, International Planned Parenthood and the United Nations Population Fund.  It seems rather contradictory that Gates’ two major sources of Gates’ philanthropy are organizations and causes that have opposing goals, one tries to save lives and the other to reduce population.

Gates conducted an interview with Bill Moyers on PBS to explain the rational for his charitable contributions:[8]

MOYERS: You could have chosen any field, any subject, any issue and poured billions into it and been celebrated. How did you come to this one? To global health?

GATES: The one issue that really grabbed me as urgent were issues related to population… reproductive health.

And maybe the most interesting thing I learned is this thing that’s still surprising when I tell other people which is that, as you improve health in a society, population growth goes down.

You know I thought it was…before I learned about it, I thought it was paradoxical. Well if you improve health, aren’t you just dooming people to deal with such a lack of resources where they won’t be educated or they won’t have enough food? You know, sort of a Malthusian view of what would take place.

And the fact that health leads parents to decide, “okay, we don’t need to have as many children because the chance of having the less children being able to survive to be adults and take care of us, means we don’t have to have 7 or 8 children.” Now that was amazing.

So Gates is interested in improving health because he believes that would reduce the amount of people on the planet.  His goal is not to help people but to eliminate them.  He states that if people are healthy that they will want fewer kids but he doesn’t offer evidence to support this and frankly it doesn’t appear to make much sense. Why would a sick person who could die at anytime want to have kids if they knew there was a good possibility they wouldn’t be around to support the child?   Does Gates really believe this or is this just his cover story so not arouse any suspicions about his true motivations?  Gates also admits that he notes that he previously shared the opinion with Malthus that health should not be improved because that would encourage population growth.  If you remember Malthus wanted villages built near sewage to encourage disease.  Now he doesn’t disagree with Malthus that population growth is bad he only disagrees on how to reduce population.

I don’t believe that Gates’ actually thinks that improving health reduces population.  I think that he is using global health as a stalking horse to eliminate population.  Gates’ could donate money to provide basic healthcare to poor Africans like Doctors Without Borders, he could build hospitals, and he could help provide low cost health insurance to the millions who can’t afford it.  Bill Gates money could be spent improving access to safe drinking water and providing sanitation services.  His money is spent on any of this noble The elites of the world choose to spend the tax dollars of the American middle class on contraceptives, abortions, and vaccines.  Kenyan gynecologist Dr. Stephen Karanja observed, “USAID and other Non-Governmental organizations funded mainly by the U.S. Government have targeted our people with a ruthlessness that makes one shudder. Our health sector has collapsed. Thousands of the Kenyan people will die of malaria, whose treatment costs a few cents, in health facilities whose shelves are stocked to the roof with millions of dollars worth of pills, IUDs, Norplant, Depo-Provera, most of which are supplied with American money.”

“Many are maimed for life. The hypertension, blood clots, heart failure, liver pathology and menstrual disorders cannot be treated due to the poor health services…. Malaria is epidemic in Kenya. Mothers die from this disease every day because there is no chloroquine, when instead we have huge stockpiles of contraceptives.”[9]

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 [PM1]This sentence should be in the intro.  And I should have a transitional sentence about as stated before the UN says genocide is tring to limit birth control


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Planned Parenthood’s supporters insist that their goals are benign. They are only concerned about women’s health, they say. Well before Adolf Hitler gave Eugenics a bad name, the elite Eugenicists in this country were honest about their true intentions. Here are some quotes straight from the mouth of Hillary Clinton’s hero, Margeret Sanger, on her beliefs and the purpose of Planned Parenthood. The source is below the quote.

The Purpose of Birth Control
“More children from the fit, less from the unfit—is the chief aim of birth control.”
Elasah Drogin, Margaret Sanger: Father of Modern Society. CUL Publications, 1989, 12.

Sanger on Charity
Sanger’s hatred of the poor was so extreme that she even despised charity because it “encourages the healthier and more normal sections of the world to shoulder the burden of unthinking and indiscriminate fecundity of others; which brings with it, as I think the reader must agree, a dead weight of human waste. Instead of decreasing and aiming to eliminate the stocks that are most detrimental to the future of the race and the world, it tends to render them to a menacing degree dominant.”(emphasis mine).
Drogin, Margaret Sanger, 17.

Sanger on the Human Race
“nearly one-half the entire population, will never develop mental capacity beyond the state of moron. . . . Our failure to segregate morons who are increasing and multiplying, though in truth I have merely scratched the surface of this international menace, demonstrates our foolhardy and extravagant sentimentalism.”
Drogin, Margaret Sanger, 65.

Sanger on Blacks
“The mass of Negroes, particularly in the South, still breed carelessly and disastrously, with the result that the increase among Negroes, even more than among whites, is from that portion of the population least intelligent and fit, and least able to rear children properly.”
Linda Gordon, Woman’s Body, Woman’s Right : A Social History of Birth Control in America Penguin Books, 1977, 332.

Sanger on Black Cover
She believed the best way to calm peoples’ fears was to “utilize Negro professionals,” because they “would not be suspected of the intent to eliminate the race.”
Robert G. Marshall, Blessed are the Barren: The Social Policy of Planned Parenthood Ignatius Press, 1991, 20.

Sanger on using Black Churches
“The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal,” Sanger wrote, because, “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their rebellious members.”
Gordon, Woman’s Body, Woman’s Right, 332.

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In 1974 the National Security Council completed a study called Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests (NSSM 20) that called the growing population in the third world as a threat to our national security and that measures should be taken to reduce their populations.[1] The surprisingly blunt memo even describes the cover story to be used to assuage any concerns that the native populations might have about population control:

The U.S. can help to minimize charges of an imperialist motivation behind its support of population activities by repeatedly asserting that such support derives from a concern with:

(a) the right of the individual couple to determine freely and responsibly their number and spacing of children and to have information, education, and the means to do so; and

(b) the fundamental social and economic development of poor countries in which rapid population growth is both a contributing cause and a consequence of widespread poverty.[2]

As amazing as this seems, the Orwellian “We are killing you for your own good” or “It’s all about choice and freedom” lines, actually work. People are ignorant or refuse to believe that the elites are engaged in an organized plot to kill most of the human race. Of course it is not about choice and freedom. They wouldn’t be happy if every family in the third world freely choose to have ten kids. In 1974 Robert McNamara, former secretary of defense and president of the World Bank, went, as far as to say that only thermonuclear war is a greater threat to the world than population growth.[3]

[1] Seamus Grimes, “The Ideology of Population Control in the UN Draft Plan for Cairo,” Population Research and Policy Review 13, no. 3 (September 1994), 213.

[2] National Security Study Memorandum 200

[3] Stephen D. Mumford, “Abortion: A National Security Issue,” The Humanist (September/October 1982)

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Planned Parenthood knew blacks would be suspicious if a bunch of white people who never had much to do with blacks, all of sudden, took a keen interest in blacks and went around telling them, “Stop having so many children. Use birth control. Get sterilized. Have abortions. It is for your own good.” No, that wouldn’t work. They needed black front men. A front man or organization looks to the public like it is serving one purpose but it in actuality serves a hidden ulterior purpose. The most commonly known fronts are front companies used by organized crime to launder money. Planned Parenthood recruited among black America’s opinion molders (intellectuals, ministers, and politicians) to find front men.

They had their first great successes in getting front men from black America’s intelligentsia. It is not surprising that intellectuals would find the elitist message of eugenics appealing. Remember, eugenicists do not discriminate by race, but by genetics. Because of their focus on genetics rather than on race, they have been called scientific racists. Just as it was possible for Margaret Sanger to despise most whites and want to see them exterminated, it is just as possible for a black person to despise most of his fellow blacks and want them eliminated. So it is not hard to understand how members of the black elite, particularly intellectuals who are naturally are aware of their intellectual superiority to the general population, could believe in eugenics. With black intellectuals Sanger was more honest and confided in them with her eugenic vision. They were told that were part of the genetically superior race of human beings and that majority of blacks as well as whites were “human waste” that needed to be eliminated. Black intellectuals were just as attracted to the ideas of eugenics as whites and became some of its most ardent supporters.

Planned Parenthood hit pay dirt in June 1932 when they were able to lure some of black America’s leading intellectuals to their side. George S. Schuyler, a columnist and author; Charles S. Johnson, president of Fisk University; Elmer A. Carter, editor of the Urban League’s journal Opportunity; and W. E. B. Du Bois, the first black man to get a Harvard PHD, all agreed to lend their names to Planned Parenthood’s Negro Project. They all wrote pro-birth control articles in Planned Parenthood’s flagship publication, at that time, the Birth Control Review. W. E. B. Du Bois was the prize catch, because as editor of the NAACP’s flagship publication the Crisis, he was arguably black America’s most famous and public figure at the time. Today, many schools are named after him and Harvard University founded the W. E. B. Du Bois Institute in his honor.

The Birth Control Review is an academic publication that would not be read by the masses or the working classes. It is clear from the articles that their goal is to convince the black intellectual classes that birth control should be promoted to the black underclass. The hope is that the intellectuals would write articles and give lectures on the usefulness and necessity of birth control. The idea would spread down from the intellectual class to the middle class to the lower class. This is one technique to change a target group’s opinions and attitudes.

With articles entitled “Quantity or Quality” or “Eugenics for the Negro” these men did not hide their elitist attitudes and disdain for the majority of blacks in the pieces they wrote. By reading their words, one can gain insight into the mind of a black scientific racist and understand why blacks would help a movement that appears to be contrary to their community’s and their own self-interest. George Schuyler says that a woman is nothing but “a child factory, as a cow is a milk factory and a hen an egg factory.” He also states that there are “certain ingredients” that are necessary to produce a healthy child and that if these are missing then the “child will usually be an inferior product.”[1] Human beings are nothing but products! It is unbelievable the callous disregard these people have for human life. W. E. B. Du Bois wanted blacks to “learn that among human races and groups, as among vegetables, quality and not mere quantity counts.”[2] Elmer A. Carter was worried that the wrong blacks are having too many children, “Therein lies the danger, for Negroes who by virtue of their education and capacity are best able to rear children shrink from that responsibility and the Negro who, in addition to the handicaps of race and color, is shackled by mental and social incompetence serenely goes on his way bringing into the world children.”[3] Du Bois also shared the sentiment the wrong kind of blacks were having children, “the mass of ignorant Negroes still breed carelessly and disastrously, so that the increase among Negroes, even more than among whites, is from that part of the population least intelligent and fit.”[4] What you have read is how the black elites, who ally themselves with white eugenicist organizations, truly think of the black masses.

They also paint an extremely grim and pessimistic picture of life that doesn’t seem to fit the reality. Only seventy years ago blacks lived as slaves; in 1932 they lived as freemen and were on the verge on gaining more of their constitutional rights. I think most people would see this as a hopeful situation. Of course, Du Bois and his friends are not concerned with painting an accurate picture of life or providing blacks with encouragement and hope. Their goal is to convince the blacks that are “shackled by mental and social incompetence,” so it is better not to have any children. Schuyler seems to think that only morticians and prison wardens benefit from more black children, because that is where they are bound to end up. He wonders, “Why should the Negroes . . .  continue to enrich the morticians and choke the jails with unwanted children?”[5] He also implores women to reject their innate maternal instincts and not have children, because “every child takes a great deal of vitality from even those mothers who are in the best of health”[6]

Read the articles

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Read the first 4 chapters here..

Planned Parenthood was pushing birth control on the black community in effort to reduce the black population. In order to do this they need black cover.

Many of the blacks who work for Planned Parenthood are well-intentioned people who are under the illusion that they are actually helping people. They are just useful idiots. Mrs. Ruby Wyatt Evans learned the hard way that Planned Parenthood only needs blacks for cover. She learned that Planned Parenthood’s black employees are expendable once they are no longer useful in helping Planned Parenthood achieve their genocidal objectives. She was suspended from Planned Parenthood when she told women that they “didn’t have to take the pills if they did not desire.”

See the 1967 article in the Pittsburgh Courier – a black newspaper
PDF File

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On March 29, 1947, the Pittsburgh Courier, one of the nation’s leading black newspapers, printed a Planned Parenthood press release as if it was an article written by a Courier journalist. The article ominously asked the reader, “Did you know that Negro mothers die at twice the rate of white mothers? Did you know that Negro babies die one and half times faster than white babies? Did you know that before their first birthday some 22,000 Negro babies are dead?” The article then boldly declares in all capitals that, “PPFA HAS THE ANSWERS.” PPFA stands for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

A local Pittsburgh priest with a black congregation read this article and sent a fiery letter to the editor wondering, “Why the colored press should advocate a practice that will decimate the colored race is beyond me.” The priest asked the obvious question: If it is true that black babies die at twice the rate of white babies, then shouldn’t efforts be made to improve the conditions for black people instead of trying to decrease the amount of black babies born. Of course Planned Parenthood isn’t interesting improving the conditions of blacks. Its only interest is in the total decimation of the black population.

Read the ad and the Priest’s response.

Read the 1st 4 chapters for free.

The Catholic Bishops of Pennsylvania placed a full-page ad on June 20, 1966 in sixty Pennsylvanian newspapers accusing Planned Parenthood and the federal government of trying to reduce the black population with taxpayer-funded birth control programs. Below is a passage from the advertisement:

While no word appears in the proposal to indicate that this augmented birth prevention policy is aimed at Negro citizens in Pennsylvania, it is widely, though covertly, stated by birth prevention proponents both in and out of government that a significant “benefit” of these programs would be their supposedly resulting check upon the expanding Negro populations in our major cities. Discussion of such benefits is not infrequently accompanied with such racist phrases as “limiting the number of undesirables” and with defamatory innuendo concerning alleged Negro “traits” and the dangers of Negro “proliferation.”

Here it is the ad in 3 parts.