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I believe the primary reason why Obama was promoted by the elites to become the first black president is that he is an eugenicist. He provides great black cover to those that want to exterminate the black race. He repaid his supporters with the first official act by lifting the federal restrictions on funding abortion.

Obama lifts restrictions on abortion funding


This is a great article on how the Protestant Chuches changed their opinions on birth control. Birth control was once universally believed by all Christians to be a sin. Now only the Catholic Churches teaches that birth control is a mortal sin.

The Protestant Reformation was in significant part a protest against the perceived antinatalism of the late Medieval Christian Church. It was a celebration of procreation that also saw contraception and abortion as among the most wicked of human sins, as direct affronts to the ordinances of God. This background makes the Protestant “sellout” on contraception in the mid 20th Century all the more surprising, and disturbing.

As the Augustinian monk, theologian, and “first Protestant” Martin Luther viewed his world in the second decade of the 16th Century, he saw a Christianity in conflict with family life and fertility. Church tradition held that the taking of vows of chastity—as a priest, monk, or cloistered sister—was spiritually superior to the wedded life. In consequence, about one-third of adult European Christians were in Holy Orders.

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You can’t make this up.

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Planned Parenthood was pushing birth control on the black community in effort to reduce the black population. In order to do this they need black cover.

Many of the blacks who work for Planned Parenthood are well-intentioned people who are under the illusion that they are actually helping people. They are just useful idiots. Mrs. Ruby Wyatt Evans learned the hard way that Planned Parenthood only needs blacks for cover. She learned that Planned Parenthood’s black employees are expendable once they are no longer useful in helping Planned Parenthood achieve their genocidal objectives. She was suspended from Planned Parenthood when she told women that they “didn’t have to take the pills if they did not desire.”

See the 1967 article in the Pittsburgh Courier – a black newspaper
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The Catholic Bishops of Pennsylvania placed a full-page ad on June 20, 1966 in sixty Pennsylvanian newspapers accusing Planned Parenthood and the federal government of trying to reduce the black population with taxpayer-funded birth control programs. Below is a passage from the advertisement:

While no word appears in the proposal to indicate that this augmented birth prevention policy is aimed at Negro citizens in Pennsylvania, it is widely, though covertly, stated by birth prevention proponents both in and out of government that a significant “benefit” of these programs would be their supposedly resulting check upon the expanding Negro populations in our major cities. Discussion of such benefits is not infrequently accompanied with such racist phrases as “limiting the number of undesirables” and with defamatory innuendo concerning alleged Negro “traits” and the dangers of Negro “proliferation.”

Here it is the ad in 3 parts.


I have made the first four chapters of my book Covert Genocide: The Plot to Use Birth Control, Abortion, Sterilizations, and Gun Control to Exterminate the Black Race available for free by pdf.

Covert Genocide – First Four Chapters

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